Saturday, October 31, 2009

old Gramma

haven't updated for so long made my visitors go away. Sorry for that. it was because i rarely take more pictures these days. My heavy works keep me away from my lovely camera. during this weekend, I make my self available for a little blogging.  but, as i told you before, I don't have brand new photo stocks to upload. having browsed my documents in the computer, i found this photo. this is a picture of my grand mother, she lives in a small island called Madura. the island is located at East java province, a political region in Indonesia. 

i haven't met her for almost a year. It was in November 2008, last time i went home. something that makes me worry these days is her health that decreases from time to time. i know that her age makes that condition. 

back into this photo, i gave a little touch by using photoshop to give an old feel to the picture. change the color tone and outlined the wrinkled skin.  


Cafe Pasadena said...

Just try to do at least one posting a month. Can you fit that in?

pictublog said...

okay, thx for your advice..:). i'll try to make it