Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anin's Birthday

This is a happy moment for my daughter, me and her mommy. visiting Ragunan Zoo in south Jakarta as a special gift for her birthday. we started walking at about 1 PM and ended at 4 PM.
during that time, she never looked tired and so curious to ask everything she saw.

The entrance fee was IDR 4000 for adult, and IDR 3000 for children age 3 and above. fortunately, we came to this place in Monday. there was not too much crowd and we enjoyed the fresh air freely. entering this zoo, you can rent a bike if you want, i don't know how much we must pay for the rent because we didn't use it.

from entrance, we went to elephant, kangaroo, casuary, ostrich, and many more. when we saw Schmutzer primate center, we decided to enter it. for this, you must pay IRD 5000 for adult, and IRD 4000 for children age 3 and above.

in this area we can see primates, from gorilla to monkey. there are many signs telling us not to disturb those animals, and some of them are funny, such as "as the same primate, don't disturb each other".

something that made me worry is how visitors respect that place and the animals. when we went into a long tunnel, we saw a lot of damages caused by visitors. very very irresponsible act.

approaching 4 PM, me and her mother began to feel tired, but not her. her energy was still abundant and ready to use. finally, i told her that the zoo would be closed in a few minutes, and we have to get out soon otherwise we trap inside. heard that, she agreed to end the visit on one condition..."buy me some milk pa..."

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