Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Trip to Padang 02

My Second day (the last day also) in Padang can be seen here.
Morning came, i woke up in a small hotel after spent the night in room 305 on the 2th floor. Morning sun touched my skin and let me saw the beauty of the city.

A few hours later, having finished my business in a government office, i took other snapshots while i was leaving the city and cruised down the street to airport

i reached the airport at about 1 pm. unfortunately my plane would fly at 06.30 pm. too early i know. but there was no more place to visit in that limited time because the nearest interesting place (air manis beach) was half an hour away from padang.

i decided to spend the rest of the day in airport and get more shots.

Until...the time came to say good bye to Padang..the unique city.

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